Individually and with pleasure

Our courses can deliberately in small groups of 5 to max. 8 participants and in bright rooms with modern and comfortable interiors. This allows for a relaxed communication and especially the responsiveness to the personal knowledge and learning objectives of each participant. This way you can learn on an individual basis at IQ and in the pleasant company of people who have passion to further themselves professionally, just like you.

When selecting our instructors we not only pay special attention to their professional qualifications, but also to their enthusiasm for adult education.

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The unity in one important respect is as great as the personal reasons for continuing education and training are diverse: Everyone wants to learn in a contemporary and pleasant manner. This is what IQ is here for. IQ offers current and relevant knowledge, an individual approach and a motivating learning environment. This is how we create the basis for effective learning.

Our philosophy: With us you get quality

Proven quality is important to us!

AZAV - TÜV certified

Excellent training for adults who want to expand their knowledge and in individual and pleasant manner –  this is the promise of IQ. In addition to comfortable, modernly equipped classrooms, we offer you expert instructors, small course groups and an excellent service.

You can expect outstanding performance from IQ at any time. That is why we pay particular attention to assessing the quality of our courses internally on a continuous basis and let ourselves be examined by external experts.

This is our proof of quality to you: All IQ locations have obtained certification in accordance with ISO 9001 and AZAV or are in the process of certification. The first confirms that IQ has an efficient quality assurance system. The latter implies that IQ is authorised as a carrier for measures of to promote employment.