Chinese courses for beginners

Chinese is one of the world's most fascinating languages. It is spoken by an estimated 1.3 billion people. The most widely spoken variety of Chinese is Standard Chinese, also known as Mandarin. Our Chinese for Beginners course will introduce you to the basics of Mandarin and the tonal characteristics that give the language its special melody.

Chinese for beginners with IQ

Learn Chinese for beginners with IQ

IQ's beginners' Chinese course gives you a step-by-step introduction to the Chinese language. We'll help you lose any inhibitions you may have about learning an unfamiliar language so that you can start having fun with it. Thanks to our highly qualified instructors, who always have an open ear for your questions, this will happen sooner than you think. You'll learn the basics of Chinese in a pleasant, informal classroom environment.

You'll begin by learning to understand the essential points of short conversations. Before long, you'll be taking part in simple discussions about day-to-day life. At the same time, you'll learn the written language, whose characters will no doubt be unfamiliar to start with. As the course progresses, you'll be able to read short texts and compose simple messages. IQ's Chinese for beginners course is the perfect preparation for anyone travelling to China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Start discovering the fascinating world of Chinese, and arrange a free trial lesson now!

Course content

  • Understand short conversations
  • Take part in simple conversations
  • Read and write short texts
  • All course materials included
  • Qualified language teachers
  • Small groups with a maximum of 10 people


Course types and prices for our Chinese for Beginners courses

CourseAttendancePrice in euros Price per lessonBrief description
Fixed duration courses
12 months1x90 min./week89€/month11,13€/45 min.A1-C2/max. 8 participants/join at any time
6 months1x90 min./week99€/month12,38€/45 min.A1-C2/max. 8 participants/join at any time
3 months1x90 min./week109€/month13,63€/45 min.A1-C2/max. 8 participants/join at any time
Intensive courses
2 months5x225 min./week899€/month8,99€/45 min.A1-C2/max. 8 participants/join at any time
3 months3x225 min./week599€/month9,98€/45 min.A1-C2/max. 8 participants/join at any time
5 months Saturday1x390 min./week 379€/month10,94€/45 min.A1-C2
Indivudual coaching
6 months1x90 min./week239€/month29,88€/45 min.A1-C2
3 months1x90 min./week259€/month32,38€/45 minA1-C2
1 month1x90 min./week279€/month34,88€/45 min.A1-C2
Intensive10x90 min.779€/flat fee38,95€/45 min.A1-C2
Coaching for two
6 months1x90 min./week169€/month21,13€/45 min. A1-C2
3 months1x90 min./week179€/month22,38€/45 min. A1-C2
1 month1x90 min./week189€/month23,63€/45 min.A1-C2
TELC language exam
A1-B2written and oral150€ flat fee The examination will take place in one of our TELC examination centres
C1-C2written and oral200€ flat fee The examination will take place in one of our TELC examination centres

IQ locations in Germany

You can learn Chinese for beginners at any of our locations in Germany. Use our location finder to find the right IQ adult education course near you.

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Language certificates

The telc exam at IQ can be taken in many different languages.
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