English courses for advanced learners

English is everywhere. It comes up in advertising, in everyday life and at the workplace. And in times when globalisation seems to be affecting virtually every area of our lives, proficiency in English is more or less taken for granted. Choose one of the English courses for advanced learners at IQ and take your language skills to a whole new level.

English for intermediate learners with IQ

Our English courses for advanced learners are aimed at anybody with previous knowledge of the language who wants to freshen up and improve their skills. After completing the English C1 course, you won't have any trouble communicating and conversing in English-speaking countries and will be able to cope with virtually any situation.

Our C1 English language course will get you in shape for coping with everyday life in English. You'll learn to describe complex issues in detail, and after completing our English course for advanced learners, you won't have any difficulty understanding films and TV shows either. Because you won’t have to search for words any more, you'll find it easy to converse with native English speakers as well. Besides expanding your vocabulary, our experienced instructors will also help you polish your grammar and explain the idiosyncrasies of colloquial English to you. What's more, they'll take the frustration out of achieving your goals by taking your individual needs into account. And of course it goes without saying that our language teachers always have an open ear for your questions. Why not arrange your individual consultation today!

Course content

  • Spontaneous and fluent
  • Understand long stretches of speech
  • Write detailed texts
  • All course materials included
  • Qualified language teachers
  • Small groups with a maximum of 10 people


Course types and prices for our English for intermediate Learners courses

CourseAttendancePrice in euros Price per lessonBrief description
Fixed duration courses
12 months1x90 min./week89€/month11,13€/45 min.A1-C2/max. 8 participants/join at any time
6 months1x90 min./week99€/month12,38€/45 min.A1-C2/max. 8 participants/join at any time
3 months1x90 min./week109€/month13,63€/45 min.A1-C2/max. 8 participants/join at any time
Intensive courses
2 months5x225 min./week899€/month8,99€/45 min.A1-C2/max. 8 participants/join at any time
3 months3x225 min./week599€/month9,98€/45 min.A1-C2/max. 8 participants/join at any time
5 months Saturday1x390 min./week 379€/month10,94€/45 min.A1-C2
Indivudual coaching
6 months1x90 min./week239€/month29,88€/45 min.A1-C2
3 months1x90 min./week259€/month32,38€/45 minA1-C2
1 month1x90 min./week279€/month34,88€/45 min.A1-C2
Intensive10x90 min.779€/flat fee38,95€/45 min.A1-C2
Coaching for two
6 months1x90 min./week169€/month21,13€/45 min. A1-C2
3 months1x90 min./week179€/month22,38€/45 min. A1-C2
1 month1x90 min./week189€/month23,63€/45 min.A1-C2
TELC language exam
A1-B2written and oral150€ flat fee The examination will take place in one of our TELC examination centres
C1-C2written and oral200€ flat fee The examination will take place in one of our TELC examination centres

IQ locations in Germany

Englisch für Fortgeschrittene können Sie an jedem unserer Standorte in Deutschland lernen. Finden Sie die passende IQ-Weiterbildung in Ihrer Nähe mit unserem Standort-Finder.

This is what distinguishes us

Customer feedback with an average of 5,3 in 6 stars shows the good quality of courses at IQ.
IQ is an associate company of the Schülerhilfe.
DIN EN ISO 9001 is a sign for quality management.

Language certificates

The telc exam at IQ can be taken in many different languages.
TOEIC serves as a proof for knowledge in international business english.
The Test of English as a Foreign Language serves as a proof for English language skills of non-native speakers.