Learn business Italian

In everyday business, a lack of language skills can lead to misunderstandings that cost time and money. A course in commercial Italian at IQ will help you avoid these unpleasant situations. We'll explain the pitfalls of business Italian and get your language skills in shape so that you can communicate confidently with your Italian-speaking business contacts.

Learn Business Italian for the job with IQ

Learn commercial Italian for the workplace with IQ

Besides being the basis for successful negotiations, sound foreign language skills can also boost your professional confidence. What's more, an additional foreign language is always an advantage when applying for a new position, and sometimes even a job requirement. Come to IQ – and learn business Italian in small groups and in a pleasant learning atmosphere. Our highly qualified language teachers would be delighted to meet you!

A business Italian course at IQ will teach you the language skills you need to make a confident impression in any common business situation you are likely to encounter. Our course in commercial Italian covers important idioms used in everyday working life and the differences between Italian for the workplace and everyday spoken Italian. You can either practise the special kind of language used in business in small groups or opt for one-to-one tuition. After completing the Italian for Business course, you'll be able to give presentations, deal with written and spoken communications, take job interviews and present your arguments to business partners on an equal footing.

Course content

  • Important idioms and special vocabulary
  • Job interviews
  • Telephone calls and emails
  • All course materials included
  • Qualified language teachers
  • Small groups with a maximum of 10 people


Course types and prices for our Business Italian courses

CourseAttendancePrice in euros Price per lessonBrief description
Fixed duration courses
12 months1x90 min./week89€/month11,13€/45 min.A1-C2/max. 8 participants/join at any time
6 months1x90 min./week99€/month12,38€/45 min.A1-C2/max. 8 participants/join at any time
3 months1x90 min./week109€/month13,63€/45 min.A1-C2/max. 8 participants/join at any time
Intensive courses
2 months5x225 min./week899€/month8,99€/45 min.A1-C2/max. 8 participants/join at any time
3 months3x225 min./week599€/month9,98€/45 min.A1-C2/max. 8 participants/join at any time
5 months Saturday1x390 min./week 379€/month10,94€/45 min.A1-C2
Indivudual coaching
6 months1x90 min./week239€/month29,88€/45 min.A1-C2
3 months1x90 min./week259€/month32,38€/45 minA1-C2
1 month1x90 min./week279€/month34,88€/45 min.A1-C2
Intensive10x90 min.779€/flat fee38,95€/45 min.A1-C2
Coaching for two
6 months1x90 min./week169€/month21,13€/45 min. A1-C2
3 months1x90 min./week179€/month22,38€/45 min. A1-C2
1 month1x90 min./week189€/month23,63€/45 min.A1-C2
TELC language exam
A1-B2written and oral150€ flat fee The examination will take place in one of our TELC examination centres
C1-C2written and oral200€ flat fee The examination will take place in one of our TELC examination centres

IQ locations in Germany

You can take our business Italian courses at any of our locations in Germany. Use our location finder to find the right IQ adult education course near you.

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Language certificates

The telc exam at IQ can be taken in many different languages.
TOEIC serves as a proof for knowledge in international business english.
The Test of English as a Foreign Language serves as a proof for English language skills of non-native speakers.