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Being able to read and write is a basic requirement for coping with everyday life. Menus, price tags, text messages – we're surrounded by important and useful information. But we can only really make sense of it if we can read and understand it quickly. IQ literacy courses are aimed at both native and non-native German speakers who want to learn to read and write the language competently.

All Literacy courses at a glance

Beginners' literacy course for native German speakers

This literacy course is the ideal choice for anybody who's grown up speaking German and now wants to read and write it as well. You'll practise hearing and recognising spoken sounds and converting them into written language. Practical exercises will help you become more aware of unstressed syllables and practise the unaccustomed hand movements needed for writing.

Intermediate literacy course for native German speakers

This course is aimed at anybody who learned to read and write in the past but hasn't done so for quite some time. It's also a great way for people who have completed the beginners' course to improve their skills by learning to read and write longer, compound words. You'll also become more adept at reading and writing and gain a better understanding of the basics of spelling.

Beginners' literacy course for non-native German speakers

In this German literacy course, beginners who grew up with a different language or writing system are introduced to written German step by step. The course covers correct pronunciation, the Latin alphabet and introductory writing exercises and provides a sound basis for taking part in follow-on literacy courses.

Intermediate literacy course for non-native German speakers

This literacy course is designed to help you improve your skills once you've mastered the basics of written German. You'll learn to understand the peculiarities of the German language better, for instance by practising how to subdivide longer words into smaller units automatically. We'll also work on eliminating minor mistakes in your pronunciation and grammar.

Your individual Literacy course at IQ

Your individual literacy course at IQ

There are more than seven million Germans who can't read and write properly. This can have an extremely negative impact on people's quality of life and often makes those affected feel embarrassed. An adult literacy course at IQ can help – faster than you might think. Our specially trained language and reading instructors take a targeted but sensitive approach to overcoming your reading and writing difficulties. What's more, you can look forward to a pleasant learning atmosphere where the speed of the learning units is always adapted to your individual needs. Whether you're a beginner or intermediate learner, we've got the right course for you. We also offer special literacy courses for non-native speakers of German, as well as an integration course , which is a separate form of literacy course for refugees and migrants.

What all our adult literacy courses have in common is their individual, customised approach and high degree of flexibility. You can choose between group or one-to-one tuition for your chosen literacy course and start at any time. Why not come and see us for a free, no-obligation consultation and find out all about your IQ literacy course on. Get to know us – we'd love to meet you. Arrange a personal appointment!Literacy


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