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The Russian language continues to increase in importance throughout the world. Many people in Europe and Asia speak Russian. A Russian language course can therefore provide a great many benefits and opportunities both in business and socially. The unfamiliar Cyrillic alphabet is just one of the reasons why Russian is such a fascinating language. With a Russian course at IQ, you'll find learning the language a thoroughly enjoyable experience because we offer courses to suit every level of proficiency.

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All Russian courses at a glance

In our beginners' Russian course you'll learn to ask questions and take part in simple conversations about everyday situations such as family life, work and shopping. You'll also learn the Cyrillic script and soon be able to read and understand simple sentences on your own.

Here you can find all details about Russian courses for beginners.

Our intermediate course will build on your Russian language skills and enable you to handle any everyday situation with confidence. You'll learn the basics of presenting an argument and will soon be able to express your views clearly. By the end of the course, you'll also be able to read and understand complex Cyrillic texts.

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Because Russian is a world language, a knowledge of Russian can be a great advantage in many companies that do business internationally. In our business Russian course, you'll learn the language, its idioms, and how to write it – with particular emphasis on communicating in the world of business.

More information about business Russian courses.

Participants learning together in a Russian communication course from IQ Wissen

Russian communication courses

Once you've completed your IQ communication course, you'll have no problem taking part in conversations and following discussions, expressing your views in lively exchanges, or travelling across Russia on your own. In this intensive Russian course, you'll expand your vocabulary, learn the most important idioms and improve your fluency by practising speaking and listening.

A man taking a language certificate exam

Russian certificate courses

If you're planning to live, work or study in Russia, there's a good chance you'll need to prove your language skills. We recommend you obtain an internationally recognised qualification in the form of the telc certificate – and that you prepare for it the quick and easy way with a Russian language course here at IQ. We'll teach you everything you need to know for the exam.

Learn Russian with fun

Have fun speaking Russian

IQ is committed to creating a pleasant, positive learning atmosphere in all of our Russian courses. The courses are limited to small groups because we believe that this is the best way to give our students the individual attention they deserve. Our well-qualified, experienced instructors teach our Russian courses in modern, well-equipped classrooms and adapt their teaching strategies to suit each student's skill level and preferences. As a result, learning Russian at IQ is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Because IQ doesn't just focus on the most effective way to get results; we make learning a language fun as well. And you can start whenever you like! All the course materials required for your Russian course are included in the price. Why not come and experience the quality of our courses for yourself in a personal appointment!

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For all questions, suggestions and requests, please contact us 24 hours a day by phone at 0800 - 589 24 23. If you wish to make a callback or receive information via e-mail, you are welcome to send us a message using the contact form below. We will contact you immediately.

For all questions, suggestions and requests, please contact us 24 hours a day by phone at 0800-589 25 61. If you wish to make a callback or receive information via e-mail, you are welcome to send us a message using the contact form below. We will contact you immediately.

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The telc exam at IQ can be taken in many different languages.
TOEIC serves as a proof for knowledge in international business english.
The Test of English as a Foreign Language serves as a proof for English language skills of non-native speakers.