Dr. Frank van Ackern

Dr. Frank van Ackern

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You are looking for Adult Education in Bedburg? IQ Weiterbildung, located at the central location at Friedrich-Wilhelm-Straße 44, is the perfect choice for you if you prefer individual and tailor-made support from competent lecturers in a pleasant atmosphere. Convince yourself - one call is enough.

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We are available for an individual consultation by phone 24/7.

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We at IQ Weiterbildung Bedburg offer you a varied and very flexible course program for your personal education. In addition to language and communication courses in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Dutch, you will also have the opportunity to attend certificate, literacy and integration courses. With all courses you determine the learning pace yourself. In companies too, adult education is becoming more and more in the focus. In specially and individually coordinated employee training, the goals set are quickly achieved. Have we piqued your interest? Do not hesitate to come by for a free consultation.

We offer flexible training in Bedburg especially for companies: with course content, structure, and times customized to the needs of your company.

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Don’t worry, we will find a solution. Call us at 06131 - 3278 013.

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Our offer: Study new languages starting at only €6,50 per lesson!
You can find an outline of all course types, course terms and prices here.

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Coming Soon: integration courses

At the IQ training in Bedburg, we have tailored ourselves to the individual needs of immigrants. Specially trained and experienced lecturers convey everything that is indispensable for an uncomplicated integration in Germany in our integration courses besides the German language. It is also about content on culture, politics and values ​​in Germany, but also useful to important areas of life such as career, family and authorities. The generally free funding by the BAMF (Federal Office for Migration and Refugees) is a further advantage for you - we gladly help you with the registration at the IQ training in Bedburg.

Language exam for students of IQ further education in Bedburg

The passed language exam telc Deutsch C1  is the recognized and unrestricted proof of its ability to study at a university in Germany, according to the decision of the University Rectors 'and Ministers' Conference. The IQ further education in Bedburg prepares you for the participation in this important examination. Make an appointment with IQ further education in Bedburg for a personal discussion and let us explain the offer that suits you best. You can reach us easily by phone - or you can visit us in person at IQ further education in Bedburg.