Ulrike von Stein

Ulrike von Stein

Location manager IQ Hamburg-Elbvororte

Hamburg-Elbvororte continuing education

Individualized continuing education at Hamburg-Elbvororte – IQ is your competent partner here. Choose from a wide variety of language courses for continuing education, taught by experienced trainers in a pleasant atmosphere. Arrange your personal appointment now!

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We are available for an individual consultation by phone 24 hours a day.

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We offer flexible training in Heilbronn especially for companies: with course content, structure, and times customized to the needs of your company.

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Our offer: Learn languages ​​from €6.50 per lesson!

With IQ Hamburg-Elbvororte continuing education you will learn languages ​​starting at € 6.50 per lesson – and all at no extra cost, since we don´t charge any registration fee and provide our modern and effective course materials for free. You will find an overview of all courses, including respective scope and prices here.


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Our wide range of courses at Hamburg-Elbvororte

Language learning is fun with IQ Hamburg-Elbvororte continuing education: In addition to language courses in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Dutch and Chinese, we also offer communication and certificate courses for all of the above-mentioned languages. Literacy and integration courses can also be completed at IQ Hamburg-Elbvororte continuing education. For companies we recommend employee training courses for the purpose of continuing education, along with apprentice training courses - and for these courses the content and scope is individually tailored to each company. Naturally all of our courses can be booked as an individual coaching as well . Visit IQ Hamburg-Elbvororte continuing education and let us advise you!

Integration into German society - The free integration course at IQ in Hamburg

Whether it is for daily shopping, job application, dealing with authorities, raising children or straightforward contact with German society – basic German language skills are essential for a stress-free life in Germany. That is why IQ Hamburg-Elbvororte continuing education is offering integration courses for immigrants now. These are funded by BAMF (Komma weg) and are therefore generally free of charge. Besides the basics of the German language, via a combination of language and orientation course at Hamburg IQ continuing education students will also learn the rules and values ​​of German society (Komma weg) and about country and culture. The specially trained teachers at IQ Hamburg-Elbvororte continuing education provide instruction in applying the language using practical examples, and help participants to expand their vocabulary in a targeted manner. Lay a foundation for a carefree life in Germany! Contact IQ Hamburg continuing education for more information. We will be happy to assist you with the application process for funding.

Language learning for professional continuing education in Hamburg - funded by the continuing education bonus

Expanding your language knowledge and skills with continued education at IQ Hamburg-Elbvororte offers you a wide range of personal gains: Specific language skills (such as Business English) and continuing education for employees are great benefits for your professional future and for your company's market opportunities. That is why the hanseatic city of Hamburg is offering its residents an attractive continuing education bonus: If you work in a company with fewer than 250 employees and earn more than € 400 per month, the city will cover 50% of the course fee (max. € 750 a year.). Profit from attractive funding initiatives  - Contact us for advice regarding your personal funding claim.