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With IQ you have the right partner for your private or professional further education in Hamburg-Osdorf. Qualified instructors, modern teaching materials and a diverse range of courses characterize our language school. 

Arrange a free consultation appointment now and see for yourself! 

The benefits of our language courses in a nutshell

Customers pleased about the benefits of IQ's language courses
  • Language courses directly on site
  • Individual lessons or DuoCoaching
  • Flexible and individually coordinated dates
  • For beginners or advanced learners
  • Business language courses
  • Over 30 % savings in DuoCoaching
  • No registration fee
  • Course material included
  • Entry possible at any time
  • All levels (A1-C2)

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 Frequently asked questions about our language school in Hamburg-Osdorf

How much does a language course in Hamburg-Osdorf cost?

How much does a language course in Hamburg-Osdorf cost?

Here you can see the exact prices for the different types of courses.

Whether in individual or DuoCoaching - the costs for your language course will be adjusted to the individually selected duration, intensity and type of course. 

Benefit from 2 free trial lessons and test our course offer without obligation!

What languages can I learn in Hamburg-Osdorf?

What languages can I learn in Hamburg-Osdorf?

The offer in Hamburg-Osdorf includes a variety of languages such as French, Spanish, Russian or English and offers beginners as well as advanced students the chance to learn a new language at all levels (A1-C2)

You can find out which languages are offered at the Hamburg-Osodrf location here.

Which is the right language course for me?

Which is the right language course for me?

At our Hamburg-Osdorf location, we cover your individual interests with a wide variety of languages at all levels (A1-C2) and enable you to expand your existing language skills or learn a completely new language

Through a free placement test, we can identify your current language level and determine the appropriate course, duration and intensity together with you. 

Where do the language courses take place?

Where do the language courses take place?

The IQ location in Hamburg-Osdorf is characterized by modern premises and a pleasant learning atmosphere. 

Here you can find additional information about our language school in Hamburg-Osdorf.

When does the next language course start?

When does the next language course start?

The language courses in Hamburg-Osdorf are planned individually with you - feel free to call us to coordinate your course dates!

How long does a language course last?

How long does a language course last?

You can choose between different terms of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.


Language courses in Hamburg-Osdorf

Are you interested in a language course for business English, would you like to improve your Italian skills or prepare for your next business trip with Chinese? At IQ in Hamburg-Osdorf you will find the right language course for your desired language level (A1-C2).

Language learning with IQ in Hamburg-Neustadt

Flag for German courses

German courses in Hamburg-Osdorf

Develop German language skills at the IQ in Hamburg-Osdorf. 

Flag for English courses

English courses in Hamburg-Osdorf

Learn English quickly and easily at IQ in Hamburg-Osdorf. 

Flag for Spanish courses

Spanish courses in Hamburg-Osdorf

Find exactly the right Spanish course in Hamburg-Osdorf.

Flag for French courses

French courses in Hamburg-Osdorf

French courses begin at IQ Hamburg-Osdorf. 

Flag for Italian courses

Italian courses in Hamburg-Osdorf

Take customized Italian courses at IQ Language School in Hamburg-Osdorf. 

Flag for Russian courses

Russian courses in Hamburg-Osdorf

Book the right Russian course at IQ Hamburg-Osdorf.

Flag for Chinese courses

Chinese courses in Hamburg-Osdorf

Book Chinese course in Hamburg-Osdorf now. 

Flag for Dutch courses

Dutch courses in Hamburg-Osdorf

The IQ location in Hamburg-Osdorf offers Dutch courses at all levels (A1-C2).


Language courses in Hamburg-Osdorf - this is how it works

IQ client prepares for his DuoCoaching on the laptop

All language courses are offered in individual and DuoCoaching. This means that you learn the language you want either one-on-one or with a partner of your choice.  

We show you how to book your language course at IQ:

  1. Non-binding contact with our service center
  2. Joint needs analysis over the phone
  3. Binding course registration
  4. Coordinating dates with your instructor

Prices at the IQ language school Hamburg-Osdorf

Benefit now: The innovative DuoCoaching allows you to learn together with a partner of your choice and a discount of, for example, €70 each month compared to individual coaching at 8 lessons per month. 

Learn more about DuoCoaching here.

Price table one-to-one & duo-coaching

Price table one-to-one & duo-coaching

Our IQ language school in Hamburg-Osdorf



Our language school is located opposite the Elbe Shopping Center in Hamburg-Osdorf.

We are always available to answer your questions, suggestions and requests. This is how you can reach us:


We are available 24 hours a day by telephone. Your language courses will take place at the Hamburg-Osdorf location after individual scheduling.

What makes us different

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