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Whether you've already mastered the French language to some extent or have never come into contact with it before, a French course in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen will take your language skills to the next level. Why not pay us a visit and let us advise you on a French course that's perfectly tailored to your personal needs.

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IQ Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen French for Beginners

Once you've completed this French course, you'll be able to understand brief texts and take part in very simple conversations. The French language course for beginners in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen is the ideal way to prepare for a holiday in a French-speaking country.

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IQ Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen French for intermediate learners

In this course, you'll build on your existing knowledge of the French language and learn to hold longer conversations. You'll also acquire a more in-depth knowledge of French grammar and find out more about the country and its people.

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IQ Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen French for business

School French often gets rusty with lack of use and is rarely adequate for daily use in a professional context. The business French course at IQ in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen is the ideal way to polish the verbal and written communication skills you need in the working world.

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IQ Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen French for communication

French for communication

Practise and improve your French in our specially designed communication course. You'll learn important idioms, expand your vocabulary and become adept at taking an active part in conversations and lively discussions.

IQ Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen French certificate courses

French certificate courses

IQ's certificate courses are designed to provide effective preparation for language certificate exams. These qualifications are often a requirement if you want to work or study abroad, and with our help, you'll go into your exam feeling optimally prepared.



Why learn French in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen with IQ Wissen?

  • Individual attention
  • Certificate based on Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)
  • Max. 10 participants per course
  • French courses for all levels of proficiency (A1-C2)
  • Start at any time 
  • Course materials included

If you learn French with IQ in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen, you can be sure of getting the best-possible support and attention. Our individual, personalised courses are always tailored to your personal preferences and create a pleasant classroom atmosphere that will help you learn the French language successfully. It's possible to start at any time and our prices even include the course materials you'll need.

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Decide for yourself when you want to attend the French course of your choice in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen. Thanks to our wide choice of flexible options, you can be sure of finding a time that suits you. Because we offer various long-term and intensive courses as well as one-to-one coaching, you're guaranteed to find a French course at IQ that fits in perfectly with your daily routine.

You can attend French courses in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen at the IQ tuition centre in Schweizer Strasse 21. Our capable team would be delighted to meet you!