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The Test of English for International Communication® (TOEIC) is an internationally recognised test of English language proficiency for non-native speakers who need proof of their language skills. At IQ in Frankfurt, we'll make sure you're very well prepared for the exam. The instructors on our tailor-made course provide TOEIC candidates with intensive coaching on English business vocabulary and idioms.

Business-Englisch Karriere mit TOEIC-Zertifikat durch IQ Wissen
Business-Englisch Karriere mit TOEIC-Zertifikat durch IQ Wissen

Business English for your career – rely on IQ Frankfurt to get you ready for your TOEIC exam.

Listening and reading comprehension skills are often vital for people working in a business environment – as is the ability to discuss business issues and prepare business correspondence. Once you've completed our course and perfected your grammar, these challenges will no longer present a problem.

Are you interested in a TOEIC preparatory course? Our instructors would love to help you develop your existing language skills and help you prepare for your TOEIC exam – in an atmosphere in which learning is fun.

TOEIC Zertifikat bei IQ Wissen
TOEIC Zertifikat bei IQ Wissen

Get off to a flying start with your TOEIC certificate

If you intend to work for an organisation in which English is the dominant business language, a TOEIC certificate will greatly benefit your career. Many major international companies rely on the TOEIC certificate to evaluate their employee's knowledge of business English. This is one of the few courses offering an English certificate with grades directly comparable to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). While the TOEFL certificate is aimed at students planning to study at a higher education institution, the TOEIC certificate places greater emphasis on English for professional purposes. Here at IQ Frankfurt, we have the ideal TOEIC preparatory course for you.

Individuelle TOEIC Kurse bei IQ Wissen
Individuelle TOEIC Kurse bei IQ Wissen

Personalised TOEIC preparatory courses at IQ Frankfurt

The business English certificate is divided into two separate tests: "listening and reading" and "speaking and writing". If you wish to prove your language skills in all of these areas, you can combine the two parts. Our experienced instructors will guide you systematically through all the examination content and provide intensive coaching in English listening and reading. They'll also coach you in verbal and written communication to give you the best possible chance of passing the TOEIC exam.

Why prepare for your TOEIC with IQ in Frankfurt?

  • Individual attention
  • Certificate based on Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)
  • Max. 10 participants per course
  • Qualified and experienced instructors
  • Start at any time
  • Course materials included

Thanks to our small class sizes, the TOEIC preparatory course at IQ in Frankfurt offers maximum support for each student. You'll go into your TOEIC exam well prepared and with an easy mind. Working in a pleasant atmosphere in modern classrooms, we take full account of your learning level and personal goals. Once you've completed our TOEIC preparation course, business English will no longer be a challenge for you and you'll be ready to put your knowledge to good use in your career.

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