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Because Dutch is a Germanic language, it's relatively easy for German speakers to pick up. You'll learn the beautiful language of our neighbours quickly at the IQ tuition centre in Hanau – and you'll discover just how much fun it can be. We offer Dutch language courses for all levels (A0-C1).

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Zwei Teilnehmer und Teilnehmerinnen tauschen sich zu einer Aufgabe aus ihrem Niederländischkurs für Anfänger aus
Niederländisch für Anfänger bei IQ Wissen

Grammar, spelling and the peculiarities of Dutch pronunciation – these are the main topics of our Dutch course for beginners.

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Eine Teilnehmerin des Niederländischkurses für Fortgeschrittene mit einem Laptop
Niederländisch für Fortgeschrittene bei IQ Wissen

If you want to improve your language skills and expand your vocabulary, this is the course for you. By the end of the course, you'll not only be taking part in extended conversations but you'll also have greatly improved writing skills.

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Ein Mann hält einen Vortrag auf Niederländisch
Business-Niederländischkurse bei IQ Wissen

As well as being an important German trading partner, the Netherlands offers many employment opportunities. This is the ideal course for anyone contemplating a move in this direction.

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Our instructors in Hanau teach languages in small groups or in intensive one-to-one coaching sessions. Because timings are flexible, you're sure to be able to fit in a class no matter how busy your schedule. You can also start a course at any time. Set up a personal consultation today! Our team looks forward to meeting you.

Zwei Frauen unterhalten sich im Kommunikationskurs auf Niederländisch
Kommunikationskurs in Niederländisch bei IQ Wissen

Dutch for communication

Do you regularly listen to presentations or participate in serious talks or group discussions in Dutch? If so, you should consider attending our Dutch communication course as a way of substantially improving your language skills and pronunciation.

Eine Teilnehmerin des Zertifikatskurses in Niederländisch
Niederländisch-Zertifikatskurse bei IQ Wissen

Dutch certificate courses

An internationally recognised language certificate is often required if you want to work or study in the Netherlands. Our Dutch certificate courses at IQ in Hanau offer thorough preparation for all certificate examinations.

Why learn Dutch in Hanau with IQ Wissen?

  • Individual attention
  • Certificate based on Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)
  • Max. 10 participants per course
  • Dutch courses for all levels of proficiency (A1-C2)
  • Start at any time
  • Course materials included

Our Dutch language courses offer many benefits. You learn in a pleasant atmosphere in a small group. And our instructors take the time to learn the needs of each individual course participant. The learning process is lots of fun and you're sure to complete your course successfully.

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