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Russian is a language that is widely spoken in modern-day Europe. But how many of us understand the Cyrillic alphabet and can transcribe it into our own language? At IQ we'll provide you with a solid foundation in Russian – or extend your existing knowledge. We cater for all proficiency levels (A0-C1). Come and learn Russian, the first language of more than 160 million people, with us.

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Eine Teilnehmerin des Russisch-Anfängerkurses
Russisch-Sprachkurs für Anfänger bei IQ Wissen

By the time you complete our Russian course for beginners, you'll be able to hold simple conversations in Russian. It's the perfect way to prepare for your next trip to a Russian-speaking country.

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Teilnehmerin aus dem Russisch-Sprachkurs für Fortgeschrittene mit ihrem Laptop
Russischkurse für Fortgeschrittene bei IQ Wissen

So you mastered "Sa" and "Dobriy den!" some time ago and would now like to move your Russian language skills to the next level? In that case, our Russian for intermediate learners course is just right for you.

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Teilnehmerin des Russischkurses für den Beruf mit zwei Arbeitskollegen und Kolleginnen
Business-Russischkurse bei IQ Wissen

A good command of Russian opens up many more job opportunities. IQ's Russian for business course gives you a thorough grounding in business communication – knowledge that will translate into more opportunities for your career.

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Time is precious. So it's good to know that our Russian courses in Hanau are flexible. This means that, as well as having the choice of working in a small group or with your own personal tutor, you also get to choose a time that fits in with your daily routine. If you're looking for quick results, ask about our intensive courses.

Zwei Kursteilnehmer besprechen gemeinsam eine Aufgabe während ihres Kommunikationskurses in Russisch
Kommunikations-Russischkurse bei IQ Wissen

Russian communication course

When discussions or conversations become more heated, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up. The instructors in charge of our Russian communication course will strengthen both your spoken Russian and your understanding of the language.

Zwei Teilnehmer und Teilnehmerinnen eines Zertifikatskurses in Russisch
Zertifikats-Russischkurse bei IQ Wissen

Russian certificate course

Being asked to show a certificate to prove your Russian language skills is not uncommon nowadays. Our certificate courses prepare you intensively and purposefully for your upcoming exam.

Why learn Russian in Hanau with IQ Wissen?

  • Individual attention
  • Certificate based on Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)
  • Max. 10 participants per course
  • Russian courses for all levels of proficiency (A1-C2)
  • Start at any time
  • Course materials included

We want you to feel at ease while you learn with us in Hanau. Take advantage of our flexible starting times and learn in a small class with no more than ten participants. Our experienced instructors consider your individual requirements and offer professional instruction at the highest level. They'd love you to join us.

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