TOEIC courses in Hanau

If you'd like to work for an English-speaking company, the Test of English for International Communication certificate will be a great benefit. At IQ in Hanau, we offer the perfect preparation course for this internationally recognised language test.

Business-Englisch Karriere mit TOEIC-Zertifikat durch IQ Wissen
Business-Englisch Karriere mit TOEIC-Zertifikat durch IQ Wissen

Business English for your career – rely on IQ Hanau to get you ready for your TOEIC exam.

If you intend to apply for a job with an English-speaking company and want to make a good impression, you'll need good listening and reading comprehension as well as good grammar. Our teaching staff will coach you thoroughly on all aspects of your exam.



Have we managed to convince you? Our experienced instructors look forward to meeting you. Come to us and have fun improving your language skills.

TOEIC Zertifikat bei IQ Wissen
TOEIC Zertifikat bei IQ Wissen

Get off to a flying start with your TOEIC certificate

So you need to prepare thoroughly for your TOEIC exam because you already work for an international company or have applied for a job with one? Many companies rely on the TOEIC certificate to evaluate the business English skills of their employees. Also, its results are directly comparable with those of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). At IQ in Hanau, we provide the coaching you need to pass this highly regarded language test.

Individuelle TOEIC Kurse bei IQ Wissen
Individuelle TOEIC Kurse bei IQ Wissen

Personalised TOEIC preparation courses at IQ Hanau

In the TOEIC, your business English skills are evaluated in two different tests: "listening and reading" and "speaking and writing". Here at IQ, you can combine both. The instructors in charge of our preparation course provide personalised coaching on all TOEIC exam topics together with intensive listening and reading practice. By the time you've completed the course, your written and oral presentation skills will be greatly improved and you'll be fully prepared for your TOEIC exam.

Why prepare for your TOEIC with IQ in Hanau?

  • Individual attention
  • Certificate based on Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)
  • Max. 10 participants per course
  • Qualified and experienced instructors
  • Start at any time
  • Course materials included

Because our experienced team here in Hanau offers excellent support to anyone studying for their TOEIC exams. Working in the pleasant learning atmosphere of a small group, we consider your individual learning level and do our very best to ensure you have the business English you need to achieve your professional goals.

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