English for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners or for business

Would you like to learn business English in Frankfurt or are you looking for an English course for beginners? Then come to IQ in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen: we offer English courses suitable for every level of language skills. Our experienced language trainers will get you in shape and coach you in the most important language in the modern world. Why not see for yourself and take a customised English course with IQ in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen. We look forward to meeting you!

IQ Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen English for Beginners
English for Beginners with IQ Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen

English for beginners

Take the first steps towards mastering the English language in our beginners' English course. You'll learn the basic vocabulary you need to communicate in short conversations and soon find you're able to manage better in a foreign country.

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IQ Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen English for intermediate learners
English for intermediate learners with IQ Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen

English for intermediate learners

If you've already acquired a sound knowledge of English, you can polish your language skills in our intermediate English course. Besides tackling more complicated texts, you'll also considerably expand your vocabulary.

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IQ Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen English for business
English for business with IQ Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen

English for business

In the world of international business, a sound knowledge of English is a must. The business English language course in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen will teach you all you need to know about using the language in a professional setting.

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IQ Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen English for communication
English for communication with IQ Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen

English for communication

Our English communication course explores the intricacies of the English language in even greater depth. In this course, you'll get intensive practice in speaking, writing and listening and acquire advanced English skills that will help you make an impression in any situation.

IQ Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen English certificate courses
English certificate courses with IQ Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen

English certificate courses

These courses provide thorough preparation for various language certificate exams. Whether you want to obtain a TOEFL, TOEIC or telc qualification, our English training courses in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen are designed to get you in shape for your test.

Why learn English in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen with IQ Wissen?

  • Individual attention
  • Certificate based on Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)
  • Max. 10 participants per course
  • English courses for all levels of proficiency
  • Start at any time 
  • Course materials included

Our English courses in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen offer a host of benefits, including varied, interesting course content and small groups. Because there are never more than 10 participants in a course, you can always be sure of getting the individual attention you need. You can start one of our English courses at  a pleasant learning atmosphere in our modern and attractively designed facilities. Why not come and see for yourself and arrange an individual consultation in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen.

Course types and prices for English courses in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen

Long-term coursesSemi-intensive coursesIntensive coursesOne-to-one tuition
3 months1/week 5/week - 5x 45 min1/week - 90 min
6 months1/week3/week - 5x 45 min 1/week - 90 min
12 months1/week 1/week - 90 min
18 months1/week
Intensive 120 x 45 min
From 69€/monthFrom 399/MonthFrom 650/monthFrom 259/month

IQ-Standort in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen

Englischkurse in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen können Sie an unserem IQ-Standort in der Schweizer Straße 21 besuchen. Unser kompetentes Team freut sich darauf, Sie persönlich kennenzulernen!

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