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Gabriele Lassmann

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Further Education München-Bogenhausen

IQ Further Education München-Bogenhausen is situated in comfortable offices at Ismaningerstrasse 33 - Welcome! All courses and training at IQ München-Bogenhausen are held by experienced teachers in a comfortable atmosphere and include practice-oriented lessons given by our experienced teachers in modern offices with up-to-date, cost-free learning material - this what IQ Further Education stands for. Convince yourself - we’re excited for your call.

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We are available for an individual consultation by phone 24 hours a day.

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Our Course Offer in München-Bogenhausen

Customized to your learning-speed by motivated teachers - certification, literacy, and integration courses as well as special business programs (available at yoursite) are available to be booked. Visit us for a personal talk at IQ Further Education München-Bogenhausen - or simply call us!

 Here you may find an overview of our encompassing course offers, including the course-type and the respective price. You prefer learning in a one-on-one single-lesson or with a small group? We from IQ München-Bogenhausen surely have the fitting course for you and will gladly advise you on your individual offer.

Please arrange an personal consultation for an indivual offer!


CourseAttendancePrice in euros
Fixed duration courses
12 months1x2 course units*/week89€/month
6 months1x2 course units*/week99€/month
3 months1x2 course units*/week109€/month
Intensive courses
1 month5x5 course units*/week899€/month
1 month3x5 course units*/week599€/month
1 month2x5 course units*/week399€/month
1 month Saturday1x9 course units/week 379€/month
Indivudual coaching
6 months1x2 course units/week239€/month
3 months1x2 course units/week259€/month
1 month1x2 course units/week279€/month
Intensive10x2 course units779€/flat fee
Coaching for two
6 months1x2 course units/week169€/month
3 months1x2 course units/week179€/month
1 month1x2 course units/week189€/month
TELC language exam
A1-B2written and oral150€ flat fee
C1-C2written and oral200€ flat fee
1 course unit = 45 minutes

Our course offer for your Further Education in München-Bogenhausen

For beginners
For students
Certificate course
For profession
Integration Course

We offer flexible training in München-Bogenhausen especially for companies: with course content, structure, and times customized to the needs of your company.

You didn’t find the course you were looking for?

Don’t worry, we will find a solution. Just call us.

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Our offer: Further Education from €8.99 in München-Bogenhausen - completely simple!

English is a world-language and particularly important within the professional world. Good English skills make for better professional chances. At IQ Further Education München, our course members are optimally prepared with, for example, the TOEIC exam - an internationally approved certificate for economic English - an important building block for your professional future. Test our business English course in a cost-free trial-lesson at IQ München-Bogenhausen - We gladly help you with your professional further education.

Cosy atmosphere guaranteed
Modern classrooms at IQ in Munich-Bogenhausen

Apprentice-Training at IQ Further Education in München-Bogenhausen

Your apprentices are nearing their limits? Your business has demands that are not being met by your apprentices? We at IQ München-Bogenhausen are specialised to work with the requests of your business and yourself so that your apprentices undergo an effective course program - no matter if it’s regarding accounting, languages, software, or other subjects like rhetoric. We gladly support the further education of your apprentices - practice-oriented and competent.