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Katrin Unden

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Further Education München-Milbertshofen

We bid you welcome to IQ Further Education München-Milbertshofen - located in the heart of the olympic and BMW district Schleisheimerstrase 253. Tailored adult education with experienced teachers in a comfortable atmosphere and praxis-based lessons by experienced teachers in modern offices with up-to-date, cost-free learning material - this makes us who we are. Impress yourself - we make further education fun.

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We are available for an individual consultation by phone 24/7.

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Our Diverse Courses in München-Milbertshofen

IQ Further Education in München-Milbertshofen has diverse and flexible course offers. Alongside language and communication courses in German, French, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Dutch are also diverse certification, integration (BAMF-stipulated), and literacy courses on offer. Employee schooling with content requested individually by businesses can also be planned and booked at IQ Further Education München-Milbertshofen. We will gladly personally advise you by telephone or at our offices. Our competent team are excited to get to know you personally.

Our Course Offer for your Further Education in München-Milbertshofen

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Integration Course

We offer flexible training in München-Milbertshofen especially for companies: with course content, structure, and times customized to the needs of your company.

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Our Offer: Further Education From €6.50 Per Lesson!
Here you have an overview on all course-types, their duration, and the corresponding prices.
At IQ Further Education München-Milbertshofen, the learning-materials are already included in the price - an application fee will not occur.

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Learn Spanish at IQ Further Education München-Milbertshofen - made easy!

When speaking Spanish as a mother-tongue in other countries, it is so that one can often have issues with such things as ordering at a restaurant. Perhaps you know that? Would you like it to change? At IQ München-Milbertshofen you can prepare yourself through praxis-oriented Spanish courses in a relaxed atmosphere for your next holiday. Although there is also opportunity to better yourself with advanced communication or business courses in your professional further education. For your personal further education we ask you to test us out with a trial-lesson. We’ll gladly advise you at IQ Further Education in München-Milbertshofen.

Apprentice-Training at IQ Further Education in München-Milbertshofen

Your company seeks education? To secure the safety of your business one must motivate employees and so further education is vitally important. Our special Firm-Training for apprentices at IQ Further Education München-Milbertshofen supports your young employees. In individual courses (Math, Language, EDV) we help to clear up grey-areas and to grow social-competence levels (Teamwork, Communication fundamentals, project management). That’s how together we can achieve a better professional-life for your apprentices. At IQ Further Education in München-Milbertshofen we have group as well as one-to-one lessons for your apprentice’s program.

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Certified quality
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Experienced in the area of education

Language Certificates

The DSH certificate is an admission requirement for foreign students at many German universities.
The telc exam at IQ can be taken in many different languages.
TOEIC serves as a proof for knowledge in international business english.
The Test of English as a Foreign Language serves as a proof for English language skills of non-native speakers.
WiDaF serves as a proof for German language skills in economic sectors.