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Susanne Gieding, Leiterin IQ Rostock-City
Susanne Gieding

Susanne Gieding manages the IQ Further Education in Rostock and is the right person for you if you are interested in adult education - especially when it comes to corporate trainings. Susanne Gieding has many years of experience in the education sector and in addition to IQ in Rostock she manages five "Schülerhilfe" schools (tutoring for pupils) in the surrounding of Rostock. She knows how to transfer the very successful concept of teaching pupils in a small group to the field of adult education.

Dozentin Lisa Sprunk
Lisa Sprunk

Lecturer Lisa Sprunk in class with participants of a course "German as a Foreign Language"

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What did you like most about the language course at IQ?

Die Lehrerin – Kursatmosphäre – Lernmaterialien – Freundlichkeit der Personen. Ich bedanke mich für alles!

(Zahra A., Mainz; DSH preparatory course)

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