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Thank you for your interest in our online intensive German course! Here are some of the most common questions we receive about course dates, registration, course schedule, etc. If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please get in touch using our contact form.

 General questions about the online intensive course

When does the next course start?

Our courses begin on the 4th Monday of each month.

The next course start dates are:

  • 25.07.2022
  • 22.08.2022
  • 26.09.2022

We publish the dates of upcoming courses here on our website. The times vary depending on the level of the course. A1–B1 online intensive courses take place from 9am to 12pm (CET), B2–C1 online intensive courses from 5.30pm to 8.30pm (CET) for B2–C1. If you would like to book the German intensive course for a different time, please call 0800202050542 or use our contact form to get in touch with us.

How can I determine my language proficiency level?

On our online intensive course page you will find an infographic about the respective language levels. You can use this to evaluate your language level and book your online intensive course with your desired language level in our online shop. Once your order is completed you will receive a confirmation mail with a link to our free placement test. Please take the test as soon as possible. We'll evaluate the results of your test to make sure that you're assigned to a course suited to your language proficiency level.

 Questions about registering for the online intensive course

When should I register for an online intensive German course?

It's best to book a course at least two or three weeks before the course begins. That way, you can be sure of getting a place on the course. If you leave it any later, you may still be able to obtain a place but only if there are spaces left. In order to obtain a confirmed place in good time for the start of your course, you should also carry out the placement test as soon as possible.

I live abroad. Can I still book a course with you?

Yes, you can register and obtain a place on a course from abroad. You can also take part in a remote learning course if you live abroad.

What happens after I register?

As soon as you have completed the booking in our online shop, you will receive a confirmation email from us with a link to the free placement test. Please take the placement test as soon as possible. Once we've evaluated your results and allocated you to a suitable course, we'll send you an email with the information you need to access the course.

As soon as we receive your registration form, we send you an email confirming your registration. The email contains a payment link and explains what to do next. Click on the link to make payment. When we receive your payment, we confirm your place on the course and send you a link to our free placement test. Please take the placement test as soon as possible. Once we've evaluated your results and allocated you to a suitable course, we'll send you an email with the information you need to access the course.

Is my place guaranteed when I send off my registration form?

After completing the order in our online shop or after registration, you will receive a confirmation email. Your place on the course is then reserved for five days. As soon as we can register an incoming payment, your place is secure. However, your reservation will elapse if we cannot find any receipt of payment within five days. If a course attracts less than five participants, ZGS Bildungs-GmbH reserves the right to cancel the course. Should this happen, we'll offer you an alternative course or refund your money.

How can I pay for my course?

Payment after registration

When you've submitted your registration form, we'll confirm your registration by email and send you a payment link. When you click on the link, you'll be offered a choice of payment options. As soon as the funds are credited to our account, we'll send you the placement test and confirm your place on the course.

After you have placed a course in your shopping cart in our online shop, you must first enter your contact details and then click on the "Next" button to access the various payment methods. Please select a payment method that suits you. After completing the payment process, you will receive a confirmation by email with an overview of your order including the link to the placement test. As soon as the money can be recorded in our account and you have passed the placement test, you will receive an email from us with your course details and the link with your login details to your online course room.

I haven't received confirmation of my registration What should I do?

If you've completed your order or registration but haven't received an acknowledgement of your registration, please use the contact form to get in touch with our support staff.

 Questions about details of the course

I've made payment but haven't received a placement test. What should I do?

It takes two to three days to confirm the details of your payment. If you haven't received your placement test after this time, please contact our support staff using the contact form.

When will I receive the login data for my course?

We'll send you an email with the login data three days before the course start date.

Are classes held on public holidays?

There are no classes on public holidays. Lessons missed because of public holidays will not be refunded or rescheduled.

Can I cancel my course?

You can cancel your course up to 14 days after registering. If you've already taken part in the course during this time, you'll be billed for the lessons taken. Cancellation for reasons of illness is not possible once the cancellation deadline has expired (14 days after registration).

Can I switch to another course?

You can change to a course starting at another time free of charge at any time up to 14 days before your course is due to begin, but only if places are available.

If you become ill after this free rebooking period has expired but before the course starts (i.e. less than 14 days before the beginning of the course) and you are unable to attend, we'll offer you a course at a later date free of charge upon presentation of a doctor's note. If you become ill during the course, rebooking is unfortunately no longer possible.

What happens if my instructor is ill?

If your instructor is ill, we will either provide a substitute instructor or reschedule any classes that cannot take place.

How can I book a follow-on course?

When you book your course in our online-shop or registration form, you choose how many weeks you would like to stay on the course. If you book a course and then discover during the course that you'd like to attend a follow-on course, you can re-book using our online-shop. During the booking, you'll be asked whether you have previously attended an online intensive course at IQ. Please make sure that you choose "YES".

Do you have any other questions? We're here to help!

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