Your training: so important that it is funded

Our courses are often financially subsidized by the public sector because education represents an important asset. There is a variety of funding opportunities available, especially for vocational training courses. Here it is important to gain information beforehand, because the following rule applies for most funding tools: An application must be made before course registration.

Numerous funding options for IQ courses

Education premium - subsidized education at IQ

Education premium

If you develop practical or language skills through a course that is relevant to your profession, you can avail of the education premium. This concerns our "Business English" course for example. The precondition: You work at least 15 hours per week as an employee/self-employed and do not exceed the income limit of €20,000 plus child allowances. In this case, the state contributes half of the course fee (up to €500 in 2 years). A detailed explanation can also be found on the Federal Government's information page for education premiums.

Regional subsidies 

Certain regions enjoy special funding for professional development. In Rhineland-Palatinate you can get support for your courses via the QualiScheck. The conditions are identical to the education premium, but in addition persons in minor employment  ("MiniJobber") and those returning to their careers are supported. If the training will improve your job-related technical, methodological, social and personal skills, up to €500 is awarded in funding annually. The training bonus is offered to residents of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg: This was set up to improve the qualifications of workers and thus the market opportunities for companies. If you work for a company with fewer than 250 employees and earn more than €400 per month, the city will cover 50% of the course fee (max. €750 per year). Support can be even higher for entrepreneurs!

Educational leave - Further education for you as well as for the future of economy

Educational leave

As not only the economy but also society benefits from by technically well-trained citizens , there is legally stipulated education leave available in most states. If you wish to participate in a further training course, your employer must exempt you for a certain number of days – usually 5 days per calendar year – and continue to pay your salary. The portfolio of promoted themes is great: Therefore the educational leave is an attractive opportunity to further develop and delve into new areas of knowledge.