DSH exam success – with a DSH preparatory course from IQ

A DSH qualification enables foreign students to prove their knowledge of German. At many German universities, non-German students must have a DSC certificate before they are allowed to enrol. To achieve the best possible results in your DSH exam, be sure to prepare thoroughly – ideally with a DSH certificate course from IQ.

Preparation for the DSH exam with a certificate course at IQ

Preparing for the DSH exam with IQ

The DSH exam, the German language proficiency test for university admission, is of particular interest to prospective students at German universities. In addition to general listening and reading comprehension, it tests for proficiency in the kind of language structures used in academic discourse – a must for anyone who needs to understand lectures in German. A DSH preparatory course at IQ will ensure you're optimally prepared for the exam.


Die DSH-Prüfung bzw. die Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang ist für angehende Studenten an deutschen Hochschulen besonders interessant. Neben dem allgemeinen Hör- und Leseverständnis erfasst sie auch die erfolgreiche Verarbeitung wissenschaftsspezifischer Sprachstrukturen, wie sie etwa für das Verfolgen einer Vorlesung auf Deutsch unerlässlich ist. Mit einem Vorbereitungskurs für die DSH-Prüfung bei IQ sind Sie für den Test perfekt gewappnet.

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Our DSH preparatory courses

Do you already have some knowledge of German but lack the fluency to speak with confidence in real-life situations? Do you want to study at a university in Germany but need to pass the DSH exam to be accepted? IQ can help you prepare for the DSH test successfully.

The DSH exam format

Universities hold the DSH examination themselves on fixed dates. The written and oral German language proficiency exam lasts between three and four hours. The written part of the exam is divided into four sections: listening and reading comprehension, grammar and writing skills. In the oral part of the exam, you'll be asked to explain and discuss a set topic.

DSH preparation tailored to your needs

IQ's DSH exam preparatory courses include training specifically designed to help you cope with exam situations. This gives you an idea of what to expect and will boost your confidence when you take the real DSH exam. In addition to the kind of realistic exercises you can expect in the exam, our instructors will also address your personal strengths and weaknesses. Since the number of participants in each course is limited to a maximum of ten people, we're able to evaluate each participant's skill level individually. This approach makes it possible to tailor the learning content to suit the needs of the group. We also provide you with the classroom materials you need to prepare for your DSH exam, so you don't have to worry about buying textbooks or workbooks yourself.

IQ will put you on the path to success for your DSH exam

During the course, we constantly refresh and build on your existing knowledge of German. Step by step, you'll extend your vocabulary and improve your knowledge of German grammar. We'll also help you improve your spelling and fluency in preparation for the DSH exam. The course is the ideal preparation for both your future life as a university student and your personal life. Once you've completed the preparatory course for your DSH exam, you'll find it won't be a problem to take part in group discussions with professors, plan and hold presentations during a lecture or simply organise an evening out with your fellow students.

Are you wondering whether a course at IQ might be right for you? Why not contact us and arrange for a personal appointment ? That way, you can check out our DSH exam preparatory courses for yourself.