Successful in the DSH examination – thanks to an IQ preparatory course

The DSH exam serves as proof of German language skills for foreign students. At many German universities a DSH certificate is a prerequisite for immatriculation of non-German students. Comprehensive preparation is recommended in order to get the best results in the DSH exam – the best way is with an IQ certificate course.

Preparation for the DSH exam with a certificate course at IQ
Preparation for the DSH exam with a certificate course at IQ

DSH examination

The DSH examination (Deutsche Sprachprüfung) is very important for university access of prospective students. Beside your general skills in reading, listening, speaking and writing you also have to proove your ability to process academic linguistic structures successfully. With a preparation course at IQ you will be perfectly prepared to pass your DSH examination.


Die DSH-Prüfung bzw. die Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang ist für angehende Studenten an deutschen Hochschulen besonders interessant. Neben dem allgemeinen Hör- und Leseverständnis erfasst sie auch die erfolgreiche Verarbeitung wissenschaftsspezifischer Sprachstrukturen, wie sie etwa für das Verfolgen einer Vorlesung auf Deutsch unerlässlich ist. Mit einem Vorbereitungskurs für die DSH-Prüfung bei IQ sind Sie für den Test perfekt gewappnet.

Targeted preparation for the DSH exam

You already have German language skills, but are rather inexperienced and insecure in practice? You must pass the DSH exam, however, in order to be accepted at a university in order to study in Germany? IQ helps you to prepare for the DSH exam perfectly.

The DSH examination is carried out by universities themselves and on specified dates. Written and oral German skills are tested within a period of 3 to 4 hours. The procedure for the written DSH exam is divided into four sections: listening and reading comprehension, grammar and composing texts. In the oral part of the test a given topic must be debated and discussed. 

In IQ's preparatory courses for the DSH test exam-style situations are specifically practised. You will therefor already get a sense of what is expected from you in the DSH examination, and you can walk confidently to the test. In addition to practical exercises, our instructors also address your personal strengths and weaknesses individually. Since the number of participants for our courses is limited to a maximum of 8 people, each participant can be assessed individually. Thus, the learning content for the group can be tailor-made. The teaching materials for preparing for your DSH examination are provided by us, so you don't have to worry about purchasing textbooks or workbooks.

Your existing knowledge of German is constantly refreshed and further developed as the course moves along. You expand your vocabulary little by little and become more familiar with German grammar. Your spelling and expressiveness is also encouraged for the DSH examination. The course prepares you optimally for both later student life at the university as well as your private zone. Discussions with professors, designing and delivering of presentations as part of a lecture or just planning evenings spent together with your fellow students will no longer be a problem for you on completion of the preparatory course for the DSH test.

You are considering whether a course at IQ is right for you? Simply get in touch and arrange a free trial lesson with us! This way you can directly see the preparatory courses for DSH examinations yourself.