TOEIC certificate – international certificate for business English

TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) is an internationally recognised test of English language skills for the workplace. It provides a common standard for assessing English language skills in the workplace. IQ offers courses designed to expand your business English vocabulary and optimally prepare you for TOEIC.


Preparing for TOEIC

The experienced instructors who run our TOEIC test preparatory course will coach you in listening and reading comprehension and familiarise you with the exam content. You'll also improve your ability to express yourself orally and in writing. Once you've completed our intensive TOEIC preparatory course, attending lectures or dealing with correspondence in the workplace will no longer be a problem for you. During the course, you'll expand your business-specific English vocabulary and improve your grammar. A TOEIC certificate provides a strong foundation for a successful career in English-speaking countries.

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Get your career off to a flying start with a TOEIC certificate

As a world language, English is indispensable in business today. TOEIC offers substantial benefits to anyone who wants to work in an English-speaking company. The test is recognised all over the world. Many large international corporations and companies rely on TOEIC to evaluate the business English skills of their employees. TOEIC is also one of the few English certificates whose results can be correlated with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The main difference between the TOEFL and TOEIC certificates is that TOEFL measures your ability to function in an academic environment, while TOEIC is more focused on English in the workplace. Obtaining a TOEIC certificate greatly increases your job market prospects. It's therefore essential to prepare thoroughly for the exam.


A TOEIC preparatory course tailored to your individual needs

At IQ, we offer an intensive preparatory course for TOEIC designed to optimally prepare you for your exam. The business English certificate is subdivided into two separate tests: listening & reading and speaking & writing. If you like, you can combine the two exams to prove your proficiency in all of these areas. Our experienced TOEIC instructors will coach you specifically for the exam and its content and will work closely with you to improve your English listening and reading skills. Step by step, you'll also improve your ability to express yourself orally and in writing.


Prepare for your TOEIC test in a pleasant environment

Small class sizes contribute to the high quality of our TOEIC preparatory courses and allow our instructors to continuously adapt their lessons to match your level of knowledge and personal preferences. You'll learn in the pleasant atmosphere of one of our modern classrooms. To optimally prepare for TOEIC, you'll build up your vocabulary of specialist business terms and practise your new-found knowledge in typical business situations, such as talking on the phone, attending meetings and written communications. Get your career off to a great start! Once you've completed IQ's TOEIC preparatory course, you won't find business English a challenge any more.


IQ – your partner for TOEIC preparation

If you're preparing for TOIEC, we are definitely the people to talk to. IQ offers a wide range of language and certificate training courses for adults. The instructors for our TOEIC preparatory courses will build on your existing language skills and coach you in all aspects of the exam – in an atmosphere that makes learning fun. Want to know more? Then why not take a closer look at our TOEIC courses in a personal appointment and let our experts advise you. Do you have questions about preparing for TOEIC? You're welcome to give us a call. Our focus is on you and your individual needs, and we'd be pleased to answer any questions you may have about preparing for TOEIC.