In our WiDaF preparation course from IQ you will progressively and rapidly develop your vocabulary along with reading and listening comprehension under the guidance of experienced instructors. You will especially concentrate on business vocabulary and practice direct application in typical professional situations and in business correspondence. By the way: After the preparation course you are welcome to conveniently and easily take the WiDaF exam with us, because IQ is an official WiDaF test centre.

WiDaF - German as a foreign language in professional life

The WiDaF certificate (German as a foreign language in business) certifies specific professional knowledge of German. This state-recognized WiDaF certificate considerably increase the chances of non-native speakers on the labour market. As an official licensee IQ provides certificate courses for preparation as well as the WiDaF exam itself.

WiDaF, the certificate for professional German

The WiDaF certificate (German as a foreign language in business) was developed in 1996 by the German-French Chamber of Industry and Commerce, and serves as a standardized German test for professional language skills. In this capacity the WiDaF helps companies as reliable tool for measuring the German skills of foreign employees and applicants. There is no better way than the WiDaF to provide verification of your language skills in the labour market. This is how you can show your future employers that you are competent in business negotiations, correspondence, and other everyday situations in German professional life. 

Optimal preparation with the WiDaF certificate course at IQ

As a licensed WiDaF partner IQ offers optimal preparation for the exam. You will acquire the necessary language skills in a targeted manner, matching the WiDaF exam content. Systematically expand your German vocabulary and progressively improve your reading and listening comprehension. We attach great importance to individual attention in a pleasant learning atmosphere: Our low class sizes of a maximum of eight participants enable our experienced instructors to optimally respond to your personal learning progress and to your desires. On request we offer the option of individual coaching, whereby the instructor focuses entirely on you. The course can be started at any time - start today with preparation for your WiDaF certificate. 

With prices starting at € 6.50 per lesson unit, the WiDaF certificate course is very inexpensive. All required course materials are included and we do not charge a registration fee - we guarantee there will be no additional costs for you! You're not entirely convinced of IQ yet? Stop by your IQ location for a free trial lesson, and receive personal consultation from our experts.

Take the WiDaF exam - conveniently at your IQ location!

IQ is a licensed WiDaF exam centre - so you can conveniently take the exam with us right after being optimally prepared by our expert instructors. The WiDaF exam is open to anyone whose mother tongue is not German and who wishes to certify their language skills in professional life. The WiDaF test includes 150 multiple-choice questions, which are based on various language skills in German business life. The difficulty of the test tasks ranges from level A2 to level C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The WiDaF exam tests the areas of grammar, business vocabulary, and listening and reading comprehension. The participant has about 150 minutes to take the exam. Appointments are made individually. Feel free to contact us for more information about the WiDaF!