Margit Luithardt

Margit Luithardt

Location manager IQ Fellbach

Further education in Fellbach

Welcome! The IQ Further Education Fellbach in Bahnhofstrasse 84 is your optimal contact for tailored adult educational programs. We offer a great deal of varied courses that are hold in modern offices and are taught by experienced and competent teachers. Send your direct notice to Margit Luithardt and Dorothee Römer regarding our offer for individual further education - we’re excited to meet you!

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We are available for an individual consultation by phone 24 hours a day.

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Our Courses in Fellbach

At IQ in Fellbach you may choose from wide range of flexible offers. Language and communication courses in French, Spanish, German, English, Dutch, Chinese, and Italian. Further, there are literacy and integration courses that you can choose from - for both private and professional further education.

Language courses in Fellbach

Languages available

German                   English 

French                      Spanish

Italian                        Russian

Chinese                     Dutch

Language certificates

telc                 DSH

TOEFL          TOEIC

WIDaF         HSK

Special integration courses and corporate training

Integration course

In this course, foreign nationals can learn the basics of the German language and find out useful information about life in Germany.

Literacy course

Gaining a grounding in reading and writing in Hanau will help you gain more independence and have a positive impact on your quality of life.

Staff training

Personalised training for your employees: everything from special language courses to communication seminars.

  • One-to-one or group coaching
  • Weekly or intensive courses
  • For beginners, intermediate or more advanced learners
  • Special courses for the workplace

Firm Training at IQ Further Education in Fellbach

You always want to achieve the optimum outcome for your colleagues and your business? Then use our flexible firm training at IQ in Fellbach. We train your employees in topics individually relevant for you whilst focusing on the most productive way possible to use your employees. Weekly crash-courses, single-lessons, or group-training: With IQ Firm-Training in Fellbach we’ll make everything happen.

Business English at IQ Further Education Fellbach - Lighter Learning!

A good business-English knowledge belongs in every business of today’s world. Vocabulary and specific economic skills in wording, writing, business manners, and expression - at IQ Further Education in Fellbach your learning and advancement are covered in our praxis-oriented business English courses. So that everyone of our course members is optimally prepared for e.g. the TOEIC exam - an internationally approved certificate for economic English - an important building block for a better chance in your professional future. Try us out now with a cost-free trial-lesson at the business English course at IQ Further Education - Fellbach. We gladly support you with your professional further education.

Modern classrooms at IQ in Fellbach


Our Offer: Further Education From €8.99 per lesson!
Our descriptive learning material is included within the price and there is no application fee - we concentrate completely on your personal further education at Fellbach. 

Please arrange an personal consultation for an individual offer. 

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Preise Prices

CourseAttendancePrice in euros
Fixed duration courses
12 months1x2 course units*/week89€/month
6 months1x2 course units*/week99€/month
3 months1x2 course units*/week109€/month
Intensive courses
1 month5x5 course units*/week899€/month
1 month3x5 course units*/week599€/month
1 month2x5 course units*/week399€/month
1 month Saturday1x9 course units/week 379€/month
Indivudual coaching
6 months1x2 course units/week239€/month
3 months1x2 course units/week259€/month
1 month1x2 course units/week279€/month
Intensive (e.g. preparation for telc)10x2 course units779€/flat fee
Coaching for two
6 months1x2 course units/week169€/month
3 months1x2 course units/week179€/month
1 month1x2 course units/week189€/month
1 course unit = 45 minutes