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Martina Hessel

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Further Education München-Fürstenried-West

Welcome! IQ Further Education München-Fürstenried-West, located at Steinkirchnerstrasse 30 - the optimal contact for tailored adult education with experienced teachers in a comfortable atmosphere. Inform yourself about our offer for your individual further education. We’re excited for your call!

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We are available for an individual consultation by phone 24 hours a day.

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Our Course Offer in München-Fürstenried-West

Choose from a wide-range of flexible offers at IQ München-Fürstenried-West. Second-language and communication courses in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Dutch are on offer - also diverse certification, integration and literacy courses are available. Employee schooling with content requested individually by businesses can also be planned and booked at IQ Further Education München-Fürstenried-West. We will gladly personally advise you by telephone or at our offices. Together we can find the course that fits to you.

Our Course Offer for your Further Education in München-Fürstenried-West

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We offer flexible training in München-Fürstenried-West especially for companies: with course content, structure, and times customized to the needs of your company.

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Our Offer: Further Education From €6.50 Per Lesson!
Here you may find an overview of our encompassing course offers, including the course-type and the respective price. Would you prefer a one-on-one single-lesson or being teached within a small group? We from IQ München-Fürstenried-West surely have the befitting course for you and will gladly advise you on your individual offer.

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Business English at IQ Further Education in München-Fürstenried-West

Good business-English skills belong in the modern professional world. At IQ Further Education München-Fürstenried-West, our course members are optimally prepared, for example such things as the TOEIC exam - an internationally approved certificate for economic English - an important building block for your professional future and your chances within it. Test our business English course in a cost-free trial-lesson at IQ München-Fürstenried-West - We gladly help you with your professional further education.

Flexible business training

Flexible business training at the IQ Further Education in München-Fürstenried-West - we prepare your employees for the specific themes that are relevant and important within your business. The time-planning, content, and scope of the praxis-orientated education will be defined individually by you, together with us, whilst keeping in the goal in mind of the most productive way possible to use your employees. From weekly crash-courses, to single-lessons, to group-schooling.